Fine Art - Illustration - Graphic design

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About Mary

My Background

Since I was young, I always had a natural ability to draw and paint.  As I got older, I pursued a career in the creative arts at Kendall College of Art & Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Once I received my BFA in Visual Communications, I was able to design powerful advertising campaigns for industries that provided both services and products to consumers.

Paintbrushes and Computers

I use many traditional mediums such as oil, acrylic and watercolor paints. I also create vector-based commercial art with the aid of a computer. I find the ability to work with my hands and utilize the technology of Adobe Creative Suite software enables me to create dynamic and creative compositions.

My Work

I consider myself to be a problem solver because I like to work with clients to create cohesive concepts to meet their targeted goals. Building relationships is one of my greatest assets when it comes to the overall success of a project. I want to let my clients know that I am listening to their ideas and that I am not forcing my own creative agenda.